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What To Look Forward To Next

Currently, I am working with Sandra Jonas Publishing in Boulder, Colorado to produce my memoir about growing up on the I Lazy D. My memoir, called: “A Sometimes Paradise: Reflections on Life in a Wyoming Ranch Family.” I hope it captures the intimate relationship between people and place that develops in the rural West, and elsewhere for that matter. The lessons about life I learned in the country helped make me into the person I have become to date.

My brother, Rod and I were fourth generation ranchers in Wyoming. The times we spent horseback riding behind a herd of cattle are among my fondest memories of my youth. Unfortunately, he and I left the ranch with our parents shortly after our own children were born. Our kids never got a chance to grow up as western as Rod and I did.

That is partly why I chose to write about the early west, so that people can get a taste about what happened behind that hazy veneer of legend that evolved through the decades. If you are like me, you will soon realize that the facts are much more interesting than the fiction when it comes to the American West. I hope that you've enjoyed the story of Big Nose George and the characters in his orbit as you would my memoir.


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