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Dean Peterson recently conducted a podcast of my research on Big Nose George (attached). He maintains a program called “That Doesn’t Happen Every Day,” and my book is one of his episodes. The interview he gave of me is over the phone, but I believe the sound is plenty good enough to get the gist of the story. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to listen to the Podcast now!

A couple of days ago, I participated in a radio interview with Grady Kirkpatrick of Wyoming Public Radio discussing the Big Nose George story.

Listen in NOW to hear the replay of my interview on Grady's Postcast, Open Spaces. Grady had some great questions, digging into the nitty gritty of the history. I enjoyed the interaction, and I hope you will too if you get a chance to listen in to it.

This month has been the culmination of a marathon of book signings, conferences, and other promotions for Big Nose George: His Troublesome Trail. I have done over a dozen or so get- togethers to discuss or endorse Big Nose George from visiting with a growing diversity of audiences in Wyoming, Montana to South Dakota and more. The book continues to sell well and enjoys wide distribution throughout the region. I am thrilled about this and thank you all for your continued support!


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